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Tenant Screening Oshawa: Tenant Credit Checks

October 30th, 2013 · No Comments · Oshawa Tenant Credit Check

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Make Sure You Do Tenant Credit Checks Before Handing Over The Keys

One our readers contacted us with a story of what happened to her and her family.

She is an Oshawa landlord with a nice place for rent. She is now out over eight thousand dollars in lost rent, clean up costs, and repairs.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time a landlord from Oshawa has rented to a bad tenant.

What Type Of Condition Was Her Rental Property?

She has now rented to new tenants and asks we only call her Judy for fear of reprisals from her last tenants.

The property was legal and safe.

It was also in great condition.

The flooring was new. This included carpets in the living room with new expensive under padding.

The appliances were in great shape. The tenant said she was looking for a place that had a dishwasher because she had to cook a lot of meals for her three kids and that meant a lot of washing of dishes and cups.

The landlord bought a new dishwasher for the rental unit to make the tenant happy and get her to sign the lease instead of choosing another place she said she was also considering.

The bathroom was clean with a new eco-friendly toilet.

What About the Structure of the Place?

The windows were winterized and new.

The laundry room was clean and even had a fire-door for fire safety.

The door to the unit had a new door with a good quality locking system.

What Happened?

The landlords interviewed the tenant and her Mother and were impressed. The tenant had first and last ready and could move in within a couple of weeks.

The lease was signed, the rent money was paid, and the tenants moved in.

That’s When the Problems Started

With a few days the tenant started complaining about the noise from upstairs and demanded “something be done immediately!”

A week later the noise complaints continued.

Added to this was a complaint about the quality of the stairs to the unit.

When the landlord said the stairs were fine, the tenant contacted the Bylaw department to complain about the stairs and lots of other things which were broken.

This list of broken things included the laundry room door which the tenant broke herself.

This went on for months.

How Can You Find Good Tenants Avoid Renting to a Tenant From Hell

Tenants from Hell are out there. Take a look at this story from the Toronto Star.

You can find good tenants and avoid tenants from hell with property tenant screening.

Tenant Credit Check

In this case the landlords trusted the tenant and her relatives in their face to face and phone interviews.

Their tenant had answers to every question.

The landlord did not do a credit check on the tenant. This was a huge mistake.

A tenant credit check can’t like. It can’t act. It can’t have ready, believable answers.

A tenant credit check will show you the truth about your applicant’s financial history.

This includes:

1. Have they paid their bills on time?

2. Do they have collection agencies after them for money they owe to people?

3. Are they in debt?

4. Have they declared bankruptcy before?

5. What is their credit score?

Fortunately you can now get tenant credit checks where are affordable.

Check out the Ontario Landlords Association site.

For only a one-time fee you can get access to credit checks you can do with your own computer. They only take minutes.

Oshawa landlords make sure you include tenant credit checks to find good tenants.

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