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Oshawa Landlords: Beware of Fake Tenant Credit Checks

December 20th, 2013 · No Comments · Oshawa Landlords, Tenant Credit Checks

 Oshawa landlords rent to good tenants

Oshawa Landlords Get Ready to Make 2014 Your Best Year Ever

Oshawa landlords know we have lots of great opportunities coming in 2014.

We also know we have lots of challenges.

Our challenges mainly focus on bad tenants who know the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act and will manipulate the laws to avoid paying rent and to avoid getting evicted.

Fortunately now more and more Oshawa landlords are doing professional tenant screening including credit checks.

The Ontario Landlords Association offers access to amazing tenant screening tools for a low one-time fee.

It’s the deal of a life-time for small landlords and you can start doing Equifax credit checks within hours of paying your low one-time fee.

Potential Pitfalls Out There

We know there are some potential pitfalls out there.

While most tenants will pay their rent on time and take very good care of the property they are renting, there are also a small but aggressive group of predatory landlords out there.

They know how to abuse the system.

And they know how to stay in your rental property for months without paying you a cent.

This isn’t a situation only for us, it is also a danger for Toronto landlords, and Scarborough landlords and property investors all over Canada!

Fake Credit Checks

Smart Oshawa landlords know the importance of conducting credit checks on potential tenants before  you agree to rent to them and hand over the key.

Pro tenants have become aware of the new wave of good tenant screening done by small landlords.

It’s been reported by some Ontario Landlords that some tricky tenants are playing some clever tricks to try to cheat small landlords, sign a lease, get the keys, and cheat landlords.

Here’s how the plan works:

1. Pro tenants have bad credit because they have cheated others and owe money

2. They want to find a rental property

3. These pro tenants with credit learn small landlords know are starting to do credit checks as part of their tenant screening process to find good tenants

4. Because they have bad credit and want to trick a small landlord they prepare a fake credit report.

5. When they find a rental property they like they volunteer their own credit report to the landlord.

6. They tell the landlord this will save them costs of doing a credit check

7. Except the credit check is fake! They are a fraud.

Oshawa Landlords Be Careful

There are lots of great tenants.

Be careful and make you find them and avoid the pro tenants looking to defraud you. Oshawa landlords know the tricks and will rent only to good, honest tenatns.

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