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Oshawa Landlords – What Can Happen If You Don’t Screen Your Tenants?

July 29th, 2016 · No Comments · Latest News, Oshawa Landlords, Tenant Credit Checks

 Oshawa Landlords What Can Happen If You Don't Screen Your Tenants

Experienced Oshawa landlords know the important of tenant screening to make sure you rent to good tenants.

New landlords and investors sometimes don’t fully appreciate this.

We hear new landlords say things like:

1. I Used To Rent and I Was a Great Tenant”

The problem is while you might have been a great tenant, there are people who won’t be like you were.

2. “My Aim Is To Be a Good Landlord. My Tenants’ Will Appreciate Me”

The happy news is most tenants appreciate good landlords. The bad news is there are people who simply won’t care and leave behind owed rent, damages and large clean up costs. We’ve heard of one tenant who actually said to his Oshawa landlord “I’m sorry for what my son did to your house.”

3. “What the Worst That Happen? Maybe I Lose a Month of Rent”

You can lose months of rent. And repairs can end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Learn Lessons From Other Landlords

It’s important for new landlords to see what has happened to other landlords who didn’t screen their tenants carefully. Screening carefully means running credit checks on your tenant.

One recent story that hit the newspapers is about a Peterborough landlord who is shaking his head in disgust as he cleans up the mess his former tenant left him.

He had a tenant who decided not to pay his rent.

The landlord filed to evict the tenant at the Landlord and Tenant Board. He finally got the eviction…but it took four months!

When the tenant finally left the landlord entered the property to see it was a disaster.

You see in Ontario landlords are not allowed to ask for damage deposit.

This means tenants often leave garbage or a mess behind because they know they won’t have to pay any money for it. As the tenant activists like to say “let the landlord eat the costs!”

The landlord was forced to spend days cleaning the property and thousands of dollars to make repairs to the walls, windows and more.

He didn’t screen his tenant carefully and because the tenant is on government assistance he won’t be able to collect a dime from him.

Tenant Screening Including Credit Checks

Oshawa landlords can now run premium credit checks for only $10 per check with Ontario Landlords Association membership.

There are lots of good tenants out there and it’s up to you to make sure you find them.

Even in more business friendly provinces Alberta landlords and BC landlords are making credit checks part of their tenant screening process before handing over the keys and signing a lease.

Oshawa Landlords – Make sure you know who you are renting to.

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